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Do your marketing materials use a repetitive format? What we mean by a repetitive format is: your marketing campaigns remain the same in terms of materials and formats, but with a regularly changing content (text and image). If so, the Printman Portal can provide you with a platform of possibilities. In this online environment, you can create graphic layouts using templates. Consider a monthly flyer in which only the text and images change, or a brochure which can be personalised by the franchise manager. In order to maximise the consistency of your expressions, the Printman Portal has a media library in which all your key images and logos are at your disposal at all times.

Here are the benefits of the Printman Portal at a glance:

  • One central source for all your marketing materials
  • Considerable cost reduction
  • Optimal consistency of your marketing materials
  • Accessibility, anywhere and at any time.
  • Independence: no need to keep on going back to your ad agency

The Printman Portal in your organisation?

Are you interested in what the implementation of the Printman Portal could mean for your organisation? Then please contact us for a discussion about the possibilities, no strings attached. Together, we will analyse your current print portfolio and processes. Based on this analysis, we will explain where we see opportunities to increase your efficiency by automating your workflow. After establishing the budget, we will provide you with an implementation plan tailored to your needs. Of course we are also always at your disposal during and after the final implementation!

Insights into your expenses

Since processing invoices is not anyone’s favourite pastime, we have found a much faster solution for this administrative activity. Our easy, consolidated invoicing will enable you to process invoices faster and more efficiently through the Printman Portal. This will save you considerable time, not to mention administration costs! In addition, we are able to integrate management information and invoice details into your own systems. You will have comprehensive overviews of your expenses, anywhere and at any time.

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